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Widget Smith Android Download and Run On Android

Widget Smith Android

Widget Smith Android There is so much variety when it comes to the software driving various hardware types in today’s digitized world. When it comes to mobile phone we have the Android and Apple iOS. Today we will discuss the Widget Smith APK. This one tool is going to make your life much easier.

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When the smartphone world is dominated by so much variety why stay behind and not look for some tinkering that lets you feel the device on your hand in a totally new way.

When it comes to personalization earlier you could have emulated the appearance of iOS on your android and vice versa. With the introduction of widgets option on the latest version of Apple software the game has become more interesting.

In this article, we will discuss the Widget Smith APK for your Android, what it is? And how to use Widgetsmith APK. So read the full article and learn how to get the apple looks on Android for free.

What is Widget Smith APK?

This is a personalization application developed for both the users of Apple mobile phones. The good news is it can also be used by Android users like you and me. The developers did originally intended on realizing this software for Google’s software but that did not come to due to some reasons.

Nevertheless, they never forgot to integrate some Android components into the one released in the form of .IPA format. This app, you may call it Widget Smith Android, provides you with various features including inbuilt tools and widgets among other things.

The more interesting information about this tool is that they are constantly updating the list of options with every passing day. Now this means, you will be having more and more options to use and apply with the time.

Such as this Single Photo Widget added to the list. This enables you to capture and place single photos with the size of your choice to display over the screen. Or you can check out the customize text widget. This has the option to get the text with cool fonts.

Why Use Widget Smith Android APK?

Customization of the mobile phones is important. This gives the mobile phone a whole new look, giving the user a different feeling. At the same time, it enables the owner to change the display and other settings according to personal interests and likings.

Similarly, if you are using an older version of the mobile phone. These aforementioned options are either limited or provide very limited set of choices to opt from. Keeping in view these limitations and requirements the given tools are developed.

Using this app you can give your phone a startling new look when it comes to the display and screen settings. Even if you don’t have an Apple iPhone you can still enjoy some of the features from that domain right on your phone.

To unlock all these features you need to install some kind of iOS emulator. This is because the Widgetsmith APK features are in .IPA format. Which is the file extension for apple software as APK is for Android.

How to Use Widget Smith APK for Android?

As you are already aware of methods that enable us to use the one type of platform on another. Such as you can use your android on the windows devices and so on. Such tools are termed emulators. As we mentioned the Widget Smith for Android can only be used when we have the operating environment for .IPA file types.

So out there are many emulators that let you achieve this milestone. However, we will save you the time for searching. Here are the three best iOS emulators. Select any one and get your job done.

1 Cider iOS App

This is one of the best and simple to use emulators for Android smartphone and tablet users. Yet it is worth mentioning that you will have to compromise on some features. These include the inability to use the location, GPS, and Bluetooth options using this tool.

Otherwise, if you are looking to use other applications that do not require any of the above-mentioned features. Go for this one. Install and launch it and the rest is just a piece of a cake.

2 iOS Emulator

If you are looking for the fastest and easiest to use the emulator to employ Widget Smith Android, just go for this one. To use it you don’t need to install an application on your smartphone. Just go to your favorite browser and type the above name.

There you can then use the emulator online without using space on your mobile phone. Just click to play and get going.

3 IEMU Emulator

This is the third and last one we would recommend for you to use the Widgetsmith APK file. A simple to use and perfect for the non-techies. To use this, you will have to install the app with the same name from Play Store. Then launch the app.

Once the emulator is launched go to the AIO Downloader. This grants the user ability to download the IPA files without having to go to the iTunes store. Search for the Widget Smith and start using it without any problem.

In this article, we will discuss how to use Widget Smith apk on Android devices. Initially, we will discuss what is Widget Smith apk? Well, answering this question, Widget Smith is a widget that can customize widgets on your iPhone’s home screen. It is available on the App Store for download.

Many people may confuse, how can someone uses Widget Smith on Android as it is for iOS devices. We in this article we will tell you to have you can use Widget Smith on Android devices.

How to use Widget Smith Android?

To answer the above question, There are some iOS Emulators, that can make it possible for Widget Smith for Androids. Now we will discuss it below.

iOS Emulator Apps for Android Users

To make it possible to run iOS applications on Android, there are many iOS Emulators available. The best-known applications include are iEMU and Cider applications for Android software. Your device should fulfill the following requirements to makes it work these Emulators.

As iEMU takes at least 60 MB of storage and Cider takes up to 12 MB space, so there must be a substantial amount of free space available.

The device should have at least 512 MB of Ram.

And it must support Android version 2.3 and the latest ones.

Cider App

Cider application is one of the best applications that support iOS applications on Android devices. A group of students developed this application, and according to them both iOS and Android are running on ARM-run hardware.

This application is still in the advanced research stage but still functioning well. Though, it does not support Bluetooth and location services includes GPS, which is a disadvantage of this application.

To bring into use this you have to download the Cider apk file. When the download is done then transfer the file to your device and install it. After installation, go to your device’s apps drawer and find the Cider app. Just click on it to launch it. This opens the Emulator for you, so now you can download iOS applications and run in your device.

iEMU Emulator

Like Cider, iEMU is also one of the best applications to run iOS applications on Android devices. Also, in some ways, it is much better then Cider. To bring it into use, first of all, you have to download the iEMU apk file in your computer system. Then follow the below-given steps.

Transfer the file from the computer to your device. As already mentioned, it takes at least 60 MB, so your device should have considerable space.

After transferring, go to the Android setting on your device. Then enter into Security settings and enable the “Allow installation of application from unknown sources.”

At then, go back to the iEMU file on your device and tap on it to install.

Once the installation is done, check the application; you will see an application known as AIO Downloader. With the help of this, you can download the iOS applications and run them on your device.

If you do not want to download an application to use iOS applications then there is another method for you, which is quite easier.

You can use a browser-based online Emulator known as This Emulator will support an online like iOS device, totally with the feel and look of iOS. The question here is how to access this Emulator on your device? The answer is very simple. Just follow below given steps.

First of all, the open browser on your device. Visit the website of

When it loads, on your screen there will show “Tap to play”. Just tap of the button.

Then it will open iOS, which will allow you to run any kind of iOS application here. Just upload any application you want to run to the website.

If you want to learn how to use Widget Smith in iOS 14, Click here


The advancement of technology has made it possible to do anything. You can use iOS applications in Android devices. Yes, this is right. iOS Emulators have made it possible to use not only Widget Smith but also all the other iOS applications to run on Android devices. Just you have to follow some procedures which are mentioned above to make it possible on your Android device.


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