Valberry Genshin Impact Location you can find here! [2020]

Valberry Genshin Impact

Valberry genshin impact location Having trouble finding a Valberry for Ascension in Genshin Impact? We’ve got you covered! Read on to learn the places you can find Valberries.

Start by teleporting to the Teleport Waypoint between Stombearer Mountains and Stormbearer Point.

Once here you can head directly north past a Hilichurl camp.

The green plant you see in front of you has Valberries. They take a bit of time to respawn but there are a few plants around the area to the south so get ready to Ascend!

Valberry is one of the ingredients needed for character ascension in Genshin Impact.

It is needed for Noelle to ascend, among possibly other characters as well.

Here’s how you can find Valberry (location) in Genshin Impact.

How to find Valberry

Valberry is a local specialty of Mondstadt and you can find it in the wild or on the Stormbearer Mountains.

It may be easier to go to the Stormbearer Mountains. The location of Valberry is shown in the map below, marked by the player location (blue).

Stormbearer Mountains is north of Mondstadt.

You should see a couple of Valberries together. I found some near the tree on the said mountains.

A plump and translucent berry that has a fragrant smell and a sweet refreshing taste. In the past, the watchers of the storms found solace in the sweetness of the fruit and the hope for the city’s security.

How to Get Valberry

There are 3 sources that you can get Valberry:

Source 1: Found in the wild.

Source 2: Found on Stormbearer Mountains.

Source 3: Sold by Chloris.

Where to Get Valberry

Valberry can be found in the wild on Stormbearer Mountains and Stormbearer Point.


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